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Preliminary Patch - H8/300 - Normal Mode for GDB 6.0


I have written following patches to GDB 6.0 to support Normal Mode targets for Renesas H8/300H and H8S chips.

However I am facing problem with these patches.  

The problem is as follows.

When debugging (h8300-elf-gdb) normal mode programs with sim as target, the simulator does a SIGTRAP while running the program. 

The program goes into the case 
	case O (O_SLEEP, SN):		/* sleep */

in function sim_resume in file sim/h8300/compile.c and stops with SIGTRAP.

I cannot run the program in GDB.

However no problem occurs when the program is run on the simulator (h8300-elf-run) outside the gdb. i.e. $ h8300-elf-run a.out

This runs very well.

Can someone guide me what is missing in these patches ?

Similar patch works well with GDB 5.3.


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