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Re: `interpreter mi' with -noasync

> > But when used with -noasync it seems to get a bit confused:
> > That's not suprizing. There has never been any intent for MI to work > with anything but async.

I use -noasync with Fortran programs and on a Windows platform (NT, at least)
because, otherwise, Emacs receives the annotations from GDB in the wrong
order. -async doesn't seem to be asynchronous from the users point of view i.e
a second GDB command does not start execution until the first one has
completed.  Although I don't understand what -noasync does, I use it because
seems to do the `right thing'.

Is this use surprising or necessary? Could I get by without -noasync? (I just
want to receive output from GDB in its proper order).

There's two things:
- event loop
- async interaction
Async is only fully implemented with the remote target (target remote-async). For the user, asynchronous behavior also only occures when explicitly specified vis:
(gdb) run &
After that development is somewhat stalled - native targets need to be switched to the event loop.

What exactly goes wrong with the output?


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