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Re: [toplevel] Gas install name problem from autoconf 2.5x

DJ Delorie <> writes:

> > How do we feel about migrating towards the new autoconf definitions -
> > i.e. anything with --host is cross-compiled, anything with --target is
> > a cross-compiler.
> That breaks cases where you use --host to override config.guess's idea
> of the system name, i.e. to provide a canonical triplet across a range
> of build hosts that are compatible yet guess to different triples.

The new scheme is to specify --build instead.  $host defaults to

> It also breaks automated builds which aren't smart enough to even
> consider the possibility that you won't provide all three.  Er, like
> one of mine, which is table driven.


> We should be liberal in what we accept.  We once discussed
> auto-detecting which autoconf each subdirectory used, and filtering
> command lines accordingly.  I suspect this is still a good idea.
> Don't expect the user to be smart about this, they won't be.

I think that is what is required until everything is updated.

It still leaves the top level problem--the behaviour changes at the
top level, which means that users have to change.


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