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Re: [toplevel] Gas install name problem from autoconf 2.5x

Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes:

> Well, up to now, it didn't make any difference.  We could use the third
> option:
>   - Don't pass $target unless it was given on the command line.
> This is definitely a good idea, but I was going to do that after most
> directories had converted.

I think that to make things work with the current autoconf you need to
know which autoconf is being used in the subdirectory.

> Enough people configure native compilers
> now by giving all of build/host/target that I'm not very happy with the
> solution.

Well, that's a problem.

> How do we feel about migrating towards the new autoconf definitions -
> i.e. anything with --host is cross-compiled, anything with --target is
> a cross-compiler.

I've never felt particularly good about it, but the autoconf
maintainers seem determined about it.  I think our choices are either
to adopt their scheme, or to use a patched autoconf.

Looking at the autoconf archives, I see that I grumbled about the
change to --program-prefix/--program-transform-name before:
Here is the rest of the thread:
Basically the autoconf maintainers say the new way is right, and
they're sorry that people have to change.

I don't know where the original discussion about this was.


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