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Re: GDB 5.3.91 available

ac> GDB 5.3.91 (a pre-release of GDB 6.0) is available for download.

Just shoot me ...

First gcc HEAD ICE's during in the bootstrap.  When I go to
date-search it, I find two different dates with two different ICE's.
No idea when gcc HEAD will be available for testing again.

So I back up to an old version of gcc HEAD, and my coughs up:

  assembler not found: /berman/fsf/_today_/berman/install/target/native/binutils/HEAD/bin/as at /berman/home/mgnu/migbat/ line 128.

That's funny, I wonder if I screwed up my scripts.

  [mgnu@berman _today_]$ ls /berman/fsf/_today_/berman/install/target/native/binutils/HEAD/bin/
  addr2line             ld                    readelf
  ar                    nm                    size
  c++filt               objcopy               strings
  gprof                 objdump               strip
  i686-pc-linux-gnu-as  ranlib

That ain't cool.  It looks like binutils HEAD has a regression bug
in the name handling for installing 'as'.

Fortunately, regression-searching binutils is a lot easier than
regression-searching gcc.  In fact someone is likely to say 'aha'
before I even get a proper bug write-up.

At least my test bed is doing its job of exposing bugs.  :)

But it might be a while before I can test gdb 5.3.91.  :(

Michael C

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