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Re: PowerPC UISA registers and altivec

Stephen Holford writes:
 > Hi
 > In GDB release 5.2 the powerpc altivec registers have appeared as part of
 > the register set used by the default architecture powerpc:common. These
 > registers now appear in "info reg" commands, or in the register list from
 > the insight GUI. Does it make sense to require the altivec registers to be
 > part of powerpc:common? Most powerpc's don't have these registers (my
 > viewpoint is from the embedded 8xx, 82xx world).
 > Steve
 > ----------------------------------------------------------------
 > Stephen F. Holford, P.Eng.
 > Wescam
 > (905) 633-4000 x2119

I agree with you that this is a quite unfortunate situation. It would
be nice if the bfd contained some indication of the particular
architecture in use, so that gdb could automatically switch to 7400
and only then display these registers. 

For your case, could you do a 'set architecture powerpc:8xx' in gdb?
That will give you the exact register set for your platform.

See the (long) thread at:


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