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Re: Towards truly multi-arching the i386

   Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 23:27:10 -0400
   From: Andrew Cagney <>


OK, I just posted something to gdb-announce.

   > Mark
   > Supported targets
   > -----------------
   > i386-*-aout*
   > i386-*-coff*
   > i386-*-elf*
   These three should be identical.

Not quite.  i386-*-elf* uses a register numbering scheme for stabs
(stabs-in-ELF to be precise) that differs from traditional stabs used
for a.out and COFF.

   > i386-*-freebsd*
   > i386-*-linux*
   > i386-*-msdosdjgpp*
   > i386-*-netbsdelf*
   > i386-*-netbsd*
   > i386-*-netware*
   Can this go?  I think it is the old old Novell thing.

Right now it's only supported as a target, and it was really trivial
to add.  So I'll keep it.

   > i386-*-openbsd*
   > i386-*-pe*
   ChrisF would like the PE deleted!  It's been bug reported.

Ah, well, it's basically identical to i386-*-aout* and i386-*-coff*.
The only "support" is the line in configure.tgt.  I'll leave it to
Chris to decide what to do with it.

   > i386-*-solaris*		Canonicalized to i386-pc-solaris2
   > i386-*-sysv4*
   > i386-*-vxworks*
   > To be supported
   > ---------------
   > i386-*-cygwin*
   > i386-*-isc*		Issue with START_INFERIOR_TRAPS_EXPECTED
   What is this machine?

   > i386-*-lynxos*
   I think this can go (or at least an attempt made).

I'll leave it alone for now.

   > i386-*-sco3.2v5*	Several issues
   > i386-*-sco*		Issue with START_INFERIOR_TRAPS_EXPECTED
   > i386-*-sysv4.2*		UNIXWARE define, ptid issues
   > i386-*-sysv5*		UNIXWARE define, ptid issues
   > i386-*-sysv*		Issue with START_INFERIOR_TRAPS_EXPECTED
   > Redundant targets
   > -----------------
   > i386-ncr-*		Caught by i386-*-sysv4*
   > Obsolete targets
   > ----------------
   > i386-sequent-bsd*
   > i386-sequent-sysv4*
   > i386-sequent-sysv*
   > i386-*-aix*
   > i386-*-bsd*
   > i386-*-mach3*
   > i386-*-os9k
   Obsoleting os9kread is on the to do list as well.


   > i386-*-osf1mk*
   > i386-*-sco3.2v4*	Broken

   Have fun!

I'll probably start making a real mess next weekend ;-).  I hope it'll
be acceptable that some targets will be broken for a few days.  I
don't think I can keep things compiling without resorting to one large


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