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Source for OS X GDB?

Apple makes it difficult to obtain the source to anything without previously 
agreeing to the Apple Public Source License, but it does say on its web page 
that you can get the sources to non-APSL stuff without having to so agree.

The problem is finding it.  I would like to find the source to the version of 
GDB that comes with Mac OS X 10.1.3, and for various reasons I think I need to 
do this without agreeing to the Apple Public Source License (which would give me 
access to CVS).

I want Apple's source because what I want to do is to cross-debug an OS X driver 
while running the GDB UI on Linux.  I've been told that Apple has made 
modifications to GDB that have not been picked up by the GDB maintainers.

I found the source to a very old version of gdb on this page:

But the version that is there is 4.18-1990707166.

gdb --version shows 5.0-20001113 (Apple version gdb-203).

There is a page for what is apparently the current darwin version:


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