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RE: cross targeted gdb and corefiles

4) the original configured source had no system headers here - i had added
them trying to get my original changes to build.

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From: Kevin "Squail" Endres []
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 4:29 PM
To: 'Kevin Buettner'; Kevin "Squail" Endres; 'Daniel Jacobowitz';
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Subject: RE: cross targeted gdb and corefiles

Yep - shot the last mail off before thinking it all through (sorries!!) -
Thanks for the help! (Got it all working!!)

My environment - i386 host - ARM target (both running linux)

goal - read target core files with cross targeted debugger in host

1) configure cross gdb
2) add corelow.o and core-regset.o to TDEPFILES in gdb's Makefile
3) copy supply_* and nwfpe* functions and relevant structures (F11A etc)
from arm-linux-nat.c to arm-linux-tdep.c
4) remove system headers from arm-linux-tdep.c and core-regset.h (so not
using system register defs in gregset.h)
5) edit gregset.h - add the following (at the top): (i just copied and
synthisized from appt headers)

typedef  unsigned long elf_greg_t;
typedef  elf_greg_t gregset[18];
typedef struct {void *null } fpregset_t;

6) make

After getting environment set up same as required for remote debugging.

7) gdb app
8) (gdb) set solib-absolute-prefix /targetloc
9) (gdb) target core core

and all works as expected!!!

Help is much appreciated - you guys rule!

-----Original Message-----
From: Kevin Buettner []
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 4:17 PM
To: Kevin "Squail" Endres; 'Kevin Buettner'; 'Daniel Jacobowitz';
' '
Cc: ''
Subject: Re: cross targeted gdb and corefiles

On May 16,  4:05pm, Kevin \Squail\ Endres wrote:

> I know i have to set so-absolute-prefix to my libs to get everything to
> correctly... How do i do that and read in a core???

Can't you do...

    (gdb) set solib-absolute-prefix /my/prefix/to/the/sys-root
    (gdb) target core core



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