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add-symbol-file and section table?


I have a question regarding the add-symbol-file command:

Although I can specify starting addresses for sections
with the -s - switch, these addresses are not added to the
section tables (at least not in insight-5.1). Is this intentional?

The problem I encounter with this is the following: when I
use insight-5.1 in a remote debugging situation, and I try 
to disassemble a function from the file which I loaded,
I get the error message "Cannot access memory at address ...".

I have poked around a bit debugging this and have found that
insight accesses the file which I loaded for the code to
disassemble. This ultimately fails because the address of the 
function is outside the address ranges of the sections in the section

"maint info sections" confirms this, it does not show sections 
from files added with add-symbol-file.

Is there another "recommended" way of notifying insight/gdb
of additional code/data which has been added to a executable?

Dieter Ruppert

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