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Re: ARM and virtual/raw registers

> OK, I'm trying this general approach.  One major failure, unfortunately.
> The remote-sim code has:
>   else if (REGISTER_NAME (regno) != NULL
>            && *REGISTER_NAME (regno) != '\0')
>     {
>       char buf[MAX_REGISTER_RAW_SIZE];
>       int nr_bytes;
>       if (REGISTER_SIM_REGNO (regno) >= 0)
>         nr_bytes = sim_fetch_register (gdbsim_desc,
>                                        REGISTER_SIM_REGNO (regno),
>                                        buf, REGISTER_RAW_SIZE (regno));
>      ...
>       supply_register (regno, buf);
> Which is precisely the opposite of what I want: sim_fetch_register needs 
> to fetch the raw (uncooked) registers, which is precisely the set that 
> don't have names :-(
> REGISTER_SIM_REGNO doesn't help, because we never get to the code for the 
> registers I need.

Want it fixed?  Next to no targets define the macro so changing the the 
behavour - make REGISTER_SIM_REGNO totally responsible for the decision 
is straight forward.

(In fact, why didn't I do this before).


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