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RE: arm gdbserver and shared object function resolution

sent the following out earlier...
Got it now thanks to Kevins patience and help

Issues with native arm gdb were true low memory errors.

Issue with cross targeted remote were solved by:

1) the current snapshot of gdb (04-29-02).
2) making a copy of my target syslibs (ones linked in to my app being
debugged) on my host

CAVEAT: on first attempt i just used the libraries (glibc-2.2.3) from the
toolchain (built from sources)
these libraries did not work. I had to use a build of libc with
--libdir=/lib  (which i did for libraries in the RFS of my target)

3) set solib-absolute-prefix to location of sys-libs on my host machine -
NOTE: target and host libs do not need to be in the same directory (i.e. -
target libs in /lib  host instance of target libs in /target/lib -
`solib-absolute-prefix /target`).



-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel Jacobowitz []
Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 8:00 AM
To: Kevin Squail Endres
Cc: 'Kevin Buettner'; ''
Subject: Re: arm gdbserver and shared object function resolution

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 05:59:03PM -0700, Kevin Squail Endres wrote:
> my symbols are loading correctly.
> What I need to do: Break into the debugger inside a shared object either
> remotely or locally - platform is arm.
> using 5.2 (the current snapshot was a little flaky..) I am seeing the
> following behavior
> (Note: arm target)
> native arm gdb:
> run gdb targeted at app, set break at main - run - set break at function
> inside shared object - run
> RESULT: gdb dies (out of memory)
> run app - run gdb targeted at app - attach to pid - set break at function
> inside shared object
> RESULT: gdb dies (out of memory)
> cross-targeted:
> run target - run cross (read in symbol file) - set break - continue - i
> the error below.

Did you try Kevin's suggestion about solib-absolute-prefix?  That
should fix your warning about shared library breakpoints.

 -----Original Message-----

> It is critical that GDB be able to find your target's dynamic linker
> and load its symbols.  To do this, you normally use
> ``set solib-absolute-prefix'' to tell gdb where to find the sys-root
> for the target's libraries.  If you're not doing this, then perhaps
> that's your problem?
> It is also important for the libraries in the sys-root location on
> the host to be exactly the same as those found on the target.  All
> kinds of strange things can happen if this is not the case.
> Kevin

Daniel Jacobowitz                           Carnegie Mellon University
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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