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Re: Thread Support for remote debugging

"Sarnath K - CTD, Chennai." wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have been browsing the mail archives for
> knowing the current state of thread support
> while doing remote debugging using GDB.
>  Although a lot of discussions have happened,
> I am not able to find the current state of work
> in that area.

By "knowing the current state of thread support",
do you mean finding out whether the remote target
supports thread debugging?  

If GDB sends the remote target a request that the
remote target does not support, there is a well-defined
way in which the remote target should respond (I believe
it is by sending an empty response).

>  I downloaded the latest GDB sources. It doesnt
> support thread commands during remote debugging.
> May I know what is the state of work in this area ?
> Is there any patch available for this ?

I don't understand.  GDB implements the remote protocol
for thread support.  There are queries defined for asking
the target for the current thread ID, changing the current
thread ID, asking for a list of "live" threads, asking 
whether a particular thread is alive...

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