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Re: ia64-stub.c

Terminal too wide

I expected them to be offsets into the registers stored in memory in the
order specified by the ia64_register_names[] array in gdb/ia64-tdep.c.

I was also wondering if the macro REGISTER_RAW_SIZE in gdb/config/ia64/tm-ia64.h
is correct. It's saying that all registers other that the floating point are 8 bytes
long. I thought I read that the predict registers p0..p63 are 1 bit and packed into
a single 64 bit chunk of memory. I was wondering if by passing all of the registers in
the ia64_register_names I was passing to much and clobbering some data structures. When
I use the gdb info registers cmd it seems to know the values in first 31 registers from
my response to the 'g' cmd but then tries to access memory for the rest. The memory location
it's trys to access is an offset from the values it receives for the first 31 registers.

I thought I'd fix some linking problems that seem to have surfaced in my gdb-5.1 work
space and place a loop in the code just prior to sending the 'g' packet. That way
gdb will wait till I attach to the gdb instance that skdb forked off.


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