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Re: Profiling gdb?

> What was the final status of the profiling patch?  It's a feature I'd
> really like to see in (having it in means fewer local changes in my
> tree when I'm testing the speed of something!).

Interesting timing, I was just looking over the same thing.

My take is:

Part 1: ``(gdb) maint set moncontrol {on,off}''

A home for the command doco (gdb.texinfo) has been created.

The necessary framework (maint set) has been added along with the 
function to correctly implement a boolean command.  Note:

The command should always be present but the call should be wrapped in a 
check that the function exits.  The function moncontrol() is in both the 
libc and libc_p libraries (at least on correctly implemented systems :-) 
so this is correct.

Part 2: Add the --<what-was-that-profile-option>

Which adds the compile/link -gp flag.

Eli's comment that you don't need to link with -gp is correct.

Perhaphs the <what-was-that-profile-option> should let the user control 
the compile and link flags.

Don't remember where the doco for this goes.

Part 3: (new) ``(gdb) maint set monstartup <lowpc> <highpc>

Can anyone think why we shouldn't make this visible.  Of course the user 
will need to somehow obtain the magic addresses from somewhere.

Same as moncontrol().


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