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Re: GDB C++ support

Sheesh, Eli.  Guido asked:

gs> So my question would be, how far the work on support for C++ and gcc 3.x
gs> went as of now, and if one could expect some solution to this problem in the
gs> near future?
gs> It just confuses me, that the development of gcc and gdb seems so
gs> asynchronous, and a compiler suite, as elegant as it may be, withers away if
gs> it lacks usable debugging support.

And that's what I answered, especially the second part.

eli> Do you (or someone else) happen to know whether v5.1 solves some or
eli> all of the specific problems Guido described in his message?  If not,
eli> he has no reason to try GDB 5.1, does he?

Well, gdb 5.0 was released more than a year before gcc 3.0, and gdb 5.1
was released more than 5 months after gcc 3.0.  That's a good reason
to expect that gdb 5.1 will work a lot better than gdb 5.0 when the
target program is compiled with gcc 3.0.3.

I don't have gcc 3.0.3 installed yet (I wish I did).  I don't have
djgpp 2.03 installed (I probably never will).  And I don't have time
to chase after user bug reports with incomplete source code and gdb 5.0.

Michael C

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