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The sprintf("%llx",...) drew my attention to something else about that 
file.  All the local_hex_string stuff.

Looking at the code I'm getting the feeling that it is going out of its 
way to worry about long/long-long l/ll when it shouldn't at all.

Traditionally, printf() includes l/ll qualifiers so that it knows the 
size of arguments.  For insance:

	printf("%d\n", (long long) 1);

can be something of a disaster.  In the case of this code, however, I 
think GDB knows its size (it is LONGEST right?) and hence that info is 
completly redundant.  Instead GDB should just allow things like:

	(gdb) printf "%x", (long long) 1

Provided GDB interprets those formats directly and doesn't try to slip 
them through to sprintf() all should be ok.

Does anyone more familar with the code think this is a reasonable 
interpretation?  I hacked on it a few years back but at the time never 
thought to look at the big picture so the mess is probably part mine :-(


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