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Re: Changing the C/C++ compiler for gdb testsuite runs

> > Is there a way of forcing the GDB testsuite to use a particular compiler
> > that hasn't yet been installed (I have a gcc-3 compiler from a build tree
> > that I'd like to use to run the tests, but I don't particularly want to
> > have to install it first).  I've tried running
> > 
> >         make check
> > 
> > with both CC_FOR_TARGET and CC set to point to the compiler, but neither
> > seems to work.  There doesn't appear to be anything on this in the gdb
> > internals manual either.
> If you build both gcc and gdb in the same build tree, 
> the tests will use the gcc from the build tree.

But since they don't come from the same CVS tree, I can't see how to do 
that cleanly without dicking around with the common code directories such 
as libiberty and include -- experience has shown that with the public CVS 
repositories that is fraught with problems.  I have done it in the past, 
but it breaks the principal that the sources you are testing are the 
sources you are committing, so it isn't really a viable option.


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