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Re: remote stdio

Graeme Peterson wrote:
> Hi, all.
> I have a remote stub working for QNX's remote debug server.
> The server manages stdin, out and err, however I am having
> trouble finding out how GDB shares the text console's stdin
> for a remote target.

It doesn't.  The remote protocol has no provision for this.

> When the inferior is given free reign to run, and GDB winds up
> waiting for ever, what mechanisms exist to allow any subsequent
> keyboard input to be captured and sent to the remote target?


> Basically, I want to respond to a getch() in the inferior, or
> run a 'vi' session in DDD's execution window via the remote
> target connection.

If you get it working, please submit it!   ;-)

> What I have done so far is added the stdin fd to the fd set
> for the select() in ser_unix_wait_for (gdb/ser-unix.c).  This
> works fine for TCP/IP connections, but the code path is not
> executed for serial connections.  I would also prefer not
> to modify the generic GDB source files if a mechanism exists
> that I can take advantage of.

Sorry, you are going to have to 
1) Extend the remote protocol, and
2) extend gdb.

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