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Re: Obsolete m68k

> On Sun, Jan 06, 2002 at 12:26:50PM -0500, Andrew Cagney wrote:

> Please no! :-)
> The Palm OS port (we hope to have remote-palmos.c in a state in which
> it might be acceptable for submission sometime soonish) uses m68k, and
> represents some number of tens of thousands of users.  I imagine there
> are other m68k users too.

I know.  There are plenty of other m68k users out there so I'm very 
hopeful this won't happen.

>> If anyone else is interested in multi-arching this target,
> If noone more knowledgeable wants to do this target, I will read the
> multi-arch howto and volunteer to fix it.  But it might take me a
> while...

Thanks, I'll put you down as one interested party (more welcome).  I 
think people will simply be happy to see it done.  It is also useful to 
note that slow and steady here really is the best approach.

>> please first ensure that you have a GPL assignment for GDB in place.
> I sent a request-assign.future for binutils and GDB (with the email
> address to fsf-records on 2001-12-18.  How long
> should one wait for a response before starting to pester them?

Remember, it is the [summer :-)] holiday season.


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