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Re: GDB 5.2 or GDB 5.1.1?

> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 04:57:12PM -0500, Andrew Cagney wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm looking over all the things in my 5.1.1 folder and am beginning to 
>> think that it might be better if instead just move onto 5.2.  I really 
>> don't know if it is worth all the effort (well mine and a few others) of 
>> pulling those changes onto a branch.  All the C++ fixes, the HP/UX host 
>> stuff and so on.
>> For this to work, all the proposed release criteria for 5.2 would need 
>> to be droped.
>> thoughts?
>> Either way, there needs to be a decision by the middle of next week.
> Well, we got GCC 3.0 ABI support off the New features list.  ObjC/C++
> would push us back a long ways, and I don't remember what the
> complications with readline4.2 were.

There is also multi-arching all the targets.  I should probably note 
that even if I didn't propose this I would have probably scrubbed the 
5.2 list clean.

> I wouldn't be averse to a quick 5.2 release from the trunk, otherwise. 
> There's a few things it would be nice to have done first - I have more
> C++ fixes, and the profiling patch has not AFAICR been committed yet. 
> But there should be time.

Ah, sooner than that :-) A best case senario puts the schedule at: 
announce branch 2002-01-16; branch 2002-01-23; release 2002-02-06.

People have often said that GDB should be released more often.  Looks 
like it might happen.


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