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Re: powerpc simulator questions

> Hey,
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> It was indeed the memorymap that went haywire. (or the author :)
> I managed to debug/simulate my code. Very nice.
> Just one more question:
> with powerpc-eabi-run, i can see how many cycles have passed for the
> program.
> 1) if I want to know how long it would take on a 200MHz powerpc (and the
> routine takes about 35e6 cycles), then am i correct to use this formula :
> 35e6 cycles / 200e6 Mhz = 175 milliseconds ?
> 2) is the same type of performance measuring in the simulator under gdb?
> for example: breakpoint before a routine, breakpoint after one, and then a
> command "give me number of cycles passed between those 2 breakpoints
> (please)."

I wouldn't take the profile statistics too seriously.  No one ever sat 
down and analized them (Er, there might have been one report to only 
indicate that they were way out :-/).  I should probably delete that 
code (so no one is mis-lead).  It is also known to go into infinite 
loops :-(


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