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Re: gdb.ini vs. .gdbinit on Cygwin

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On Tue, Nov 13, 2001 at 07:52:50PM +0200, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> > However, we should use .gdbinit the same way as for
> > any other host on Cygwin.  There's no reason to treat the Cygwin GDB
> > special in that case.
> Yes, there is: Cygwin executables run on Windows, not on Unix or
> GNU/Linux.

That's right.  And GNU/Linux binaries don't run on Windows and most
flavours of Unix.  So what?

> Personally, I like Fernando's suggestion: look for .gdbinit, and if
> not found, look for gdb.ini.  I think this would satisfy everybody.

Which is a special treatment of Cygwin.

> As another data point, consider this: the Windows port of Emacs looks
> for .emacs first, and if not found, looks for _emacs (the name used
> on DOS).
> > As a resort we could
> > begin to support an environment variable GDBINIT or similar which
> > contains the name/path of the GDB init file.  That would have the
> > advantage to be mostly host independent.
> ??? But GDB doesn't support $GDBINIT on other platforms, so this
> suggestion seems to actually _introduce_ OS-specific features.  Is
> this really a good idea?

My suggestion was to introduce $GDBINIT as a generic way to set
the path to the init file.  So it's not OS dependent.


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