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powerpc simulator questions

Hello everybody,

I'm already subscribed to the crossgcc list for some time now, so i thought
"why not venture into the gdb-world as well?" :)

I noticed that you have the option of stepping through your code by means of
a simulator. Whoever invented that: hats off :) It's really usefull. (if i
ever get it working... hehe)

However, being a complete n00b on the gdb-topic, I compiled/installed
Insight-5.0 with the "--target=powerpc-eabi" option.

I made a little test program, called 'destest' which simply encrypts and
decrypts an 8 byte value. No include files are used, there is only destest.c

I compiled it with "powerpc-eabi-gcc -g -Wl,-Tmylink.ld -o destest

OUTPUT_ARCH(powerpc)   /* Specify the output machine architecture */


  vects (rx): ORIGIN = 0x0,  LENGTH = 1023 
  rom1 (rx): ORIGIN = 0x400, LENGTH= 511K
  ramcode (rwx): ORIGIN = 0x800000, LENGTH = 2048K
  ramdata (rw): ORIGIN = 0x0A00000, LENGTH = 2048K

  . = 0x0;
  .vector0 :
      LONG(ABSOLUTE( main ))
  . = 0x400;
  .text :
  . = 0xA00000;
  .data : 
  .bss  :
      end = ALIGN(0x8);

Then i ran insight, did "target sim", "load" and it spit out something like
/openprom/init/load-binary: broken transfer.

I have no clue as to what's going on.
I first made the directory 'openprom' under root, but i have a hunch that's
not really what i should be doing. My guess is that /openprom is something
in memory being used by powerpc-eabi-gdb.

Can anybody help me? Or point me to a HOWTO/FAQ/manual?
I read the gdb manual and the psim manual, but no real step-by-step
(holding-the-newbie's-hand) procedure is explained there. :-)

Thank you in advance,

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