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MultiICE, gdb and parallel port


I'm trying to get arm-elf-gdb 5.0 (to be more precise, insight)
to run using a MultiICE over the parallel port. After some failed
attempts using "target rdi p=/dev/lp0" and similar I began
tracing the gdb code and found that there are three protocols to
use; serial, ethernet and serpar. It seems like the serpar
would be my best bet, but from what I can read from the source it
uses BOTH serial and parallel connections at the same time; serial
for reads and parallel for writes. My MultiICE has parallel interface

I want to use gdb. What to do? Should I implement a parallel only
driver for gdb? It does not seem like that much work; the driver
infrastructure is real nifty. But any help would be most appreciated.


"Gathright, Dave" wrote:
> first you have to compile a version of gdb for arm. i am currently
> using gdb-5.0, and it works well. then connect to your ICE or Angel
> debugger using the "target rdi X=Y" command, where X is the
> interface type and Y is the specific interface ('E' is ethernet,
> e.g. e=; 'S' is serial, e.g., s=/dev/tty0; and P is
> parallel port, e.g. p=/dev/lp0). now you can load your executable
> (compiled with -g option, of course). there are some features that
> may need to be disabled if your are using a JTAG ICE. my target
> has ROM at address zero, so in gdb i have to 'set rdiromatzero 1'
> to disable vector catching and semi-hosting.

Dan Hovang   +46 733 451 427
WeSpot AB    Sölvegatan 41    223 70 Lund, Sweden

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