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Re: Building gdb for sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

Eric Aversa <> writes:

  > Very curious. I have seen lots of reports of people who could not
  > compile gcc-3.0 on Solaris 8 in 64 bit mode or make it work. I
  > have had no problem (as I assume Deb has succeeded as well...?)

The problem is not compiling GCC-3.0 in 64bit mode. It's the fact that
the compiler that you get will not generate correct 64bit SPARC
binaries. It does not implement the sparcv9 ABI correctly.

  > I have compiled all of my applications with gcc-3.0 applications and
  > they work fine and seem to conform completely to the LP-64 spec (I can run
  > appplications which
  > print sizeof(long) and sizeof(char*) and they say 8 and my other C
  > applications work fine. I am
  > just limited to printf statements for debugging...

You probably got lucky and didn't hit any of the bugs...

BUT you are using a compiler in a configuration _documented by its
developers_ as *not* working, so you are on your own...

You might want to give a shot to a current GCC snapshot from:

  > Where can I find the install.texi

It should be in the gcc/doc/install.texi in the GCC source tree. 
Or you can use the web interface for the GCC CVS repository:


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