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RE: Building gdb for sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

Very curious. I have seen lots of reports of people who could not compile
gcc-3.0 on Solaris 8
in 64 bit mode or make it work. I have had no problem (as I assume Deb has
succeeded as well...?)

I have compiled all of my applications with gcc-3.0 applications and
they work fine and seem to conform completely to the LP-64 spec (I can run
appplications which
print sizeof(long) and sizeof(char*) and they say 8 and my other C
applications work fine. I am
just limited to printf statements for debugging...

Where can I find the install.texi

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Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2001 1:52 PM
To:; Eric Aversa
Subject: Re: Building gdb for sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8

"Eric Aversa" <> writes:

  > Let me know if you get anywhere with GDB on this platform. I am
  > also trying to debug 64 bit executables on Solaris 8 (I am
  > compiling both my applications and gdb with gcc-3.0)

This is one of your problems: GCC-3.0.x _does NOT_ support compiling
64 bit SPARC binaries!!!!

Here is a fragment from install.texi from the GCC source tree:

Starting with Solaris 7, the operating system is capable of executing
64-bit SPARC V9 binaries.  GCC 3.1 and later should properly support
this.  GCC 3.0 lacks the infrastructure necessary to support this
configuration properly.  However, if all you want is code tuned for
the UltraSPARC CPU, you should try the @option{-mtune=ultrasparc}
option instead, which should be safe from those bugs and produce code
that, unlike full 64-bit code, can still run on non-UltraSPARC

You could try building gdb and your application with either a GCC-3.1
snapshot or a different compiler, as GCC-3.0.x is pretty much
guaranteed not to work for 64 bit compilation.


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