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Re: Help on remote debug!

>>>>> "marcos" == Marcos Lois Bermúdez <> writes:
marcos> Helo, i download gdb 5.0, i compile them in a i586 whit no
marcos> problems, :).  I want to experiment with remote debug, becose
marcos> i want to make a small system in a MC68EZ328 that run a
marcos> uClinux, when i made a program, i need to debug it.
marcos> I wanto to use gdbserver, but in gdb-5.0 that i download i
marcos> don't have this executable.

I'm not familiar with uClinux.  Is it a real linux kernel, or a micro
kernel that is Linux in name only?

If it is really linux, you may be able to adapt the gdbserver sources.
While there isn't gdbserver support for m68k linux targets, existing
support for the x86 and ia64 should serve as a guide.  You could also
look at the NetBSD gdbserver back end, which also supports several

You should note that gdbserver is not automatically built, even for
supported targets.  It might be configured, so it's possible all have
to do is cd to gdbserver and build.  In the worst case, you will have
to configure and build it by hand.  The reason it is not built auto-
matically is that it needs to be built for the target while gdb is 
built for the target.


J.T. Conklin
RedBack Networks

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