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Re: Which version of gdb supports gcc 3.0 ABI?

Steinar Bang wrote:
> >>>>> Eli Zaretskii <>:
> > FWIW, I always had the GDB patches I posted as an RFA approved or
> > commented on in reasonable time (i.e. about a week).
> > In any case, a fork is not something people should consider easily,
> > just because someone's patch is not accepted quickly enough.
> Maybe so.
> But the lack of C++ support for gcc 3.0 is a problem.
> And it will become a _huge_ problem when gcc 3.0 is released.
> It must be adressed in some way, I think.  And a fork sounds like the
> best alternative.

Humor me.  What ``lack of C++ support for GCC 3.0''?

GDB 5.0 doesn't support the v3.0 ABI (Is this really surprising? - GDB
5.0 was released almost a year ago! :-).  GDB-current does provide ok
support for GCC's v3 ABI.

Michael Chastain has been pounding on GDB's C++ testsuite and hence
identifying real bugs both GDB and in v3.0 G++.  Jim Blandy has been
carefully revising Dan's proposed changes and seeing them into GDB/GCC. 
I assume Dan, as GDB's current C++ maintainer, is contributing to this
same effort.

In parallel to this, the GDB 5.1 release has been slowly picking up
speed.  It has already been decided that there will be a 5.1 and then a
likely 5.1.1.  The hope is that GDB 5.1 will come out before GCC 3.0 and
GDB 5.1.1 some time after. The intention is to have something sooner
rather than later.

	Have a good one!


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