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Re: [5.1/mi] SYNTAX CHANGE? - List ``[ ]'' vs ``{ }''

Andrew & Fernando,

Okay, here are Rab's comments about the proposed change to the MI 
interface (Rab Hagy ( is the fellow responsible for the 
Project Builder side of debugging for Apple's IDE.):

> 1) The delimiters for a list should be different from those for a tuple.
> The output of MI is, basically, a property list. Property lists have 
> been around for a long time and they have different delimiters for 
> tuples and lists.
> The current situation, in which the same delimiters are used for both 
> lists and tuples, results in stream of MI output which is difficult to 
> inspect "by eye". The parser is a bit more complex than it needs to be 
> because it has to handle the overloading of '{'. As a result, the data 
> structures used to represent a VALUE is not a clean as they could be 
> either.
> And, I mean this in the nicest way possible, this oversight sticks out 
> like a sore thumb... when I wrote the special-cases in the parser to 
> deal with this obvious error in the grammar, I wondered if MI was 
> really up to snuff.
> 2) '[' and ']' are the correct delimiters
> Adding these characters to the grammar does not complicate the parsing 
> of MI output. These are the obvious characters to be used as the 
> delimiters for a list.
> 3) ``[bp="1",bp="2",bp="4"]'' is incorrect
> I don't think this example is allowed by the proposed grammar. It 
> should be one of:
> 	bps=["1", "2", "4"]
> 	[{bp="1"}, {bp="2"}, {bp="4"}]
> -rab

Jim Ingham                         
Developer Tools - gdb
Apple Computer

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