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Re: [5.1/mi] Enable MI interface

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Jim Ingham wrote:
> > Should mean not too much.  If the ui_out stuff works on your host
> > platform, then you should pretty much get the MI for free.  It is
> > another command set for gdb, and a particular ui_out that formats the
> > output to these commands in a more deterministicly parseable way than
> > raw gdb console output.
> IIRC MI is an interface between GDB and what/whoever is using GDB,
> right?  If so, how, if at all, does it come into play in the normal
> DJGPP usage where the user types command into GDB's CLI interface?
> Does something convert these commands into MI before passing them to
> GDB?

Yes.  One day, GDB will look like:

	CLI ->	libgdb  <- MI

at present it looks more like:

	corCe-gLdbI <- liMbgIb
	core-gdb+CLI <- libgdb+MI

However, it is still possible to build with/without out the MI.

> Or does the addition of MI simply mean that there's another command
> language available to the user, which they can use as they see fit?
> That is, unless the users actually type some MI commands, the MI code
> will not spring into action at all?

Unless the user enters:

	DOS>  gdb -i mi

MI will do nothing.


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