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[5.1] The 5.1 release process


Late last year it was suggested that the process to follow for the next
GDB release should be changed slightly.

The suggestion was (I honestly don't remember where it came from):

	o	a test results page be created
		(Chris Faylor and Tom Tromey did this)

	o	people, at least once a week, post
		results for their favorite target.

The idea being that, instead of me wading through tones of e-mail, I
could instead just glance at the test results page and determine if
things were ok.

With that in mind, I'd like to propose the following as the 5.1 release

	o	people start uploading test
		results for their favorite target
		using the GDB *snapshots*.

	o	Once that process has settled down
		(the pages are filling, and the results
		are deamed ok) I'll cut a 5.1 branch.

		The snapshot process would be tweeked
		so that it took things from the branch.
	o	People continue to upload test results
		but now based on the branch.

	o	In theory, the criteria for rolling out
		a 5.1 draft, is that the test
		results after the branch are no worse
		than those before the branch - something
		that can be determined by a quick web

		(In theory that is.  You can now all sit
		back and laugh :-)

>From memory there is one exception - djgpp for which the testsuite
doesn't directly work.  It should be possible (with some non-trivial
effort) to set up tests for that target using a UNIX build environment
and dejagnu's test harness.


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