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Re: GDB compile problem.

chastain> After a couple of rounds of e-mail, we figured out the problem:
chastain> on Alex Turner's system, there's an environment variable "CPP=g++".

eliz> Shouldn't that be "CXX=g++"?

Sorry, my grammar is contorted.

Alex's environment had a variable with the name "CPP" set to the value
"g++".  This variable was there for some other purpose.  The configure
scripts in gdb 5.0 picked up this variable and tried to use it as the name
of the C Preprocessor.  The problem manifested as unresolved externals
at the time of the final link.  This was not obvious to diagnose.

So yes, it would be good for us if whatever *other* software that someone
has on their system would use CXX and not CPP as an environment

But it would be good if *our* software gave a useful error message:
"you have something named CPP in your environment, but it does not
perform the task of a C Preprocessor."

(And I know when I see comments: 'work around blah bug on Stardent ...'
that it's an extremely delicate piece of software to touch).


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