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Re: Post Hooks Broken!!! Fix Attached.

Steven Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> I Tried to use a late CVS snapshot of GDB/Insight and found my Post Hook
> was broken.
> It seems that it has been broken since the CLI sub-directory was
> created,

Hi Steven,

It was before that.  I went through the archives and it seems that it
was broken when the the 'if' statement that referred to PRE_HOOK was
changed to a 'switch' on "hook_type", with the CMD_{PRE,POST}_HOOK

I will check the patch in latter today, but this shows that we need a
test for this.

Can you send me a sequence of commands and expected responses that would
test if the post hook has been correctly installed and another one
showing that the pre hook has not been clobbered?  I can use it to
create a dejagnu test for it.


 it was a simple problem and the patch to fix it is attached.
> Defining a Post-Hook currently overwrites the standard pre command hook,
> In the definition code, I had to fix the setting of the pointers to the
> hook code which were erroneously setting the pre pointers instead of the
> post pointers.
> Steven.
> Patch Follows:
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> diff -C2 -r -b ../gdb_cvs/src/gdb/cli/cli-script.c src/gdb/cli/cli-script.c
> *** ../gdb_cvs/src/gdb/cli/cli-script.c Thu Feb 15 08:50:31 2001
> --- src/gdb/cli/cli-script.c    Fri Feb 23 14:55:49 2001
> ***************
> *** 1166,1171 ****
>             break;
>           case CMD_POST_HOOK:
> !           hookc->hook_pre  = newc;  /* Target gets hooked.  */
> !           newc->hookee_pre = hookc; /* We are marked as hooking target cmd. */
>             break;
>           default:
> --- 1166,1171 ----
>             break;
>           case CMD_POST_HOOK:
> !           hookc->hook_post  = newc;  /* Target gets hooked.  */
> !           newc->hookee_post = hookc; /* We are marked as hooking target cmd. */
>             break;
>           default:

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat Canada Ltd.                     E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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