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Re: Register group proposal

On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Nick Duffek wrote:

> On 21-Feb-2001, Fernando Nasser wrote:
> >The idea is to have a combobox in the register window where the user can
> >select which group of registers to show (or to show all).
> I wonder whether it'd be useful to allow multiple register windows, each
> displaying a different group.

Nick, I think this is all a great idea! I was worried for a while that I 
would have to extend Insight's stupid "target database" even more than we 
already have. It's amazing how much more information a GUI needs compared 
to the command line.

I am always happy to see things get pushed back into gdb proper, 
especially when there is command line access to the same functionality 
(so that means that dejagnu can test the underlying infrastructure).

I hope the people on the other side of the fence realize the utility in 
such an interface.

And, yes, having multiple register windows would be useful. I am going to 
push back to the philosophy that it would be useful to have multiples of 
any window -- some tracking the current execution status of the target, 
some 'frozen'. Heck, if we ever get to multi-arch Insight, we'll need the 
ability to track, say, different CPUs (and possibly register sets) in the 
same session.


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