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Re: z8k fixes

On 02/17/2001 02:03:00 AM EST Andrew Cagney wrote:
>Philip Blundell wrote:
>> In message <>, Christian Groessler writes:
>> >I've got some fixes for the z8k assembler and disassembler,
>> >how can I get them integrated?
>> Send the patches (preferably in `diff -up' format) to this list.
>> If the changes are substantial, you will need to sign a form assigning
>> copyright to the FSF before they can be integrated.
>Could I also encourage you to include a GDB assignment and have a look
>at GDB.  Right now GDB's z8k support is considered broken (it doesn't
>build) and is slated for removal :-(

I tried gdb 5.0 and it compiled (at least).

Since I haven't used gdb in this way before, please let me ask
whether I used it correctly:

I created a z8k coff executable "hello".
Start z8k gdb
"target sim"
"load hello"

-> gdb segfaults

So it looks broken :-(

My binutils assignment isn't finished yet, I will try to fix binutils
first (which with my patches seem to work quite well for me).
Later I might look into gdb then (if time permits etc..)


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