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Re: Unable to step through ARM code using insgiht-5.0

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 11:30:10AM -0800, Keith Seitz wrote:

> [insight-related]
> > (Note: The "Continue to here" command" ignores ALL break points).
> As discussed in the online help (select "Help->Help Topics..",
> then Source Window and Source Window Pop-up Menus), this is the
> intended behavior.
> I'll leave to others more familiar with ARM support in gdb to
> address your other concerns. I will add, though, that I have
> never had any luck using ARM's rdi implementation (which they
> gave to gdb, no longer maintain, and are no longer interested
> in seeing kept up to date) at anything but 9600 baud.

I use RDI at 19200 (EmbeddedICE) and 38400 (Jeeni) with no
problems under Linux.  The serial/parallel combination also
works well under Linux, though Ethernet (Jeeni) is really the
way to go.

> What host/target are you using? I assume it's probably
> windows-hosted using rdi?

I've heard that serial RDI support under Widows/Cygwin has been
flakey in the past (and not worked at all under some versions
of Cygwin).

Grant Edwards

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