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Re: Unable to step through ARM code using insgiht-5.0


After my last correspondence, I obtained and built a GDB snapshot
(insight+dejagnu-20010205) for my ARM target - arm-riscix-coff. Although this
version gets me further than V5.0 ever did, I still have a few concerns...

Whenever I attempt to "step" through my code, DGB seems to hang. The only way
for me to run through my code is to use the "Continue to here" command that is
only selectable from a pop-up dialog whenever I "right-click", in the source
window,  on the line I would have had a break point on (Note: The "Continue to
here" command" ignores ALL break points).

GDB only seems to work (as described above) on my build machine. Copying the
installed GBD binaries onto other machines, GDB seems to be even more
unreliable. On some of my other machines I can connect at my desired baud rate
but when I attempt do download my application, GDB hangs. On a particular
machine I can only download at up to 19200. Any baud rate above that and...
...GDB hangs again.

Question, am I missing a very crucial step?

Any information to help me resolve these problems would be most appreciated.

Ahmed A. Agbabiaka

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