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[maint] TUI and testsuite/gdb.hp, positions vacant


Jimmy Guo has indicated to me that since he is no longer active in the
GDB community he is willing to step back from his role as maintainer of
both the TUI and the testsuite/gdb.hp.

Jimmy stepping back, however, has certain consequences.  The obvious one
is that the TUI maintainership will automatically revert to me (and the
other write after approval maintainers) while testsuite/gdb.hp would
revert to Stan and Fernando.

Rather than simply delete the relevant entries from the MAINTAINERS
file, I'd like to propose that they instead be annotated with ``Position
Vacant''.  Then, once a suitable maintainer becomes apparent, they can
take on that role.

Does anyone have an opinion on this.  It is a slightly unusual step but
hopefully one that will encourage people on the GDB community to
increase their participation.

Finally, I'd like to thank Jimmy for his contribution to GDB, especially
during the transition period which saw the official GDB repository made
truly free.


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