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Re: harvard architectures - the d10v

Doug Evans wrote:

>  > ``But the d10v is a hack''?  So?  The point of the d10v, wasn't to
>  > provide a reference implementation (anything but!) but rather to provide
>  > a vehicle through which a reference implementation could be developed.
> I don't know that the d10v was all the good a reference implementation
> or that one is even needed for the task at hand.

Notice that I carefully avoided calling the d10v a reference
implementation.  It isn't and I'm not claiming that it is.  Rather it is
a working example.  The moment anyone refers to the D10V code they are
probably missing the point :-)

The thing to do with the d10v is look at how the user is able to
interact with it.  For instance, the user can cut addresses from one
part of the screen and paste them directly into new commands.  The user
can use 0 and have it mean NULL.  It is that sort of subtlety that the
d10v managed to resolve.

The one thing people shouldn't be doing is designing some new set of
implementations without looking at what has been before and seeing how
real people felt things should work.


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