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multi-ice v1.4

has anybody out there had any problems using Multi-ICE v1.4 with
multi-ice-gdb-server?  i've copied the multi-ice.dll from the multi-ice
installation into the directory containing the multi-ice-gdb-server
executable.  i'm developing on the cirrus 7212 evaluation board on a win2k
host using cygwin and eCos.  i load my configuration file that i've taken
from the eCos documentation and everything seems to go well.  i then run
'multi-ice-gdb-server --byte-sex l --config-dialog &' and an error dialog
box pops up saying:

'The server on localhost does not have available the previously selected
ARM7TDMI on TAP 0. The server configuration may have been altered or the
driver may already be connected. Please check the server if you with to use
the connection.'

i click 'OK' and then get the configuration dialog for 'ARM Multi-ICE
Release 1.4' and everything looks ok.  Click 'OK' again and i see in the
multi-ice server window that a debugger has connected, then get a message
saying 'rdi error = 240' and multi-ice-gdb-server exits and the server
window shows that the debugger has disconnected from TAP 0.

any ideas what's going wrong?  note that things appear to work ok with the
ARM SDT.  thanks,

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