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Re: Proper test status if gdb test detects a g++ bug?

On Feb  4, 2001, Michael Elizabeth Chastain <> wrote:

>   [1] print_addr_of "hairyfunc5(int (*(*)(char *))(long))"

>   [2] print_addr_of "hairyfunc5(int (*)(long) (*)(char *))"

> The argument type string comes from g++ stabs info.

Huh?  All I see here is a demangler error.  [1] is correct, but the
demangler is incorrectly printing [2].

> P. S.  Here is a brief explanation why the arg type is incorrect
>        as written.   A pointer-to-function always has the following type:
>        "returntype (*)(arglist)".

Nope.  It has the form `T = RET (*PTR)(arglist)'.  In this case
`PTR = RET2 (*PTR2)(arglist)'.  Substituting PTR in T, you'll get [1],
not [2].

int hairyfunc5 (PFPc_PFl_i arg) =
int hairyfunc5 (PFl_i (*arg)(char *)) =
int hairyfunc5 (int (*(*arg)(char *))(long))

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