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Re: Unable to step through ARM code using insgiht-5.0

Ahmed, I seem to remember that there was something broken in gdb 5.0

That GDB is way old.  All people I know that debug using RDI targets
have long since got a newer version of GDB.  If I was you I would do the
same: get the latest snapshot (or some that you see a message reporting
and build it for your target.

Of course, it may not be a GDB problem at all.  Besides GCC, a program
to run 
on an Angel board requires some run time support code, so it end up
being linked
with libraries specially built for your environment, an appropriate
crt0.o, a linker
script etc.

Your newlib may not be functioning properly, your linker script may not
be correct,
there are several things that can go wrong besides GDB.

However, too many of us are using RDI targets successfully, so I believe
you can
achieve the same.

Try the new GDB first (it is faster to download/build than GCC) and let
us know
how it go.


Ahmed Agbabiaka wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a favour to ask...
> If there is anyone out-there who has a working version of gcc and insight-5.0
> for the ARM target (see my previous mail for specifics) could you possibly build
> the code below and send me a copy of the executable debug file so I can test my
> set-up.
> void main(void)
> {
>         return (0);
> }

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat Canada Ltd.                     E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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