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Re: Status of Gdb support for new ABI?

>>>>> "Per" == Per Bothner <> writes:

> How well does Gdb handle the new ABI?  This is actually two questions:
> (1) How well does cvs trunk of Gdb handle the new ABI?

It handles the mangling properly.  I don't think there is any specific
support for the new ABI object model yet, and the dwarf2 output hasn't yet
been expanded to give the debugger a more complete idea of, say, how to
find virtual bases.

> (2) How well does the current Gdb release handle the new ABI?

It doesn't handle the new mangling at all.

> I'm guessing that the answer to (1) is 'ok' and that of (2) is 'not'.
> One could argue that it is not acceptable for the current Gdb to
> be unable to (reasonably) debug C++ programs generated by the current Gcc.
> The implication is:  We need to make sure Gdb 5.1 is released on
> or before GCC 3.0 is released.  Is this possible?  Am I wrong?

If necessary, we could make a minor release of GDB that just updates the
demangler.  That would be pretty straightforward.


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