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Re: JTAG debug support for ARM

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 10:01:23PM -0500, Peter Reilley wrote:
>There is nothing illegal about this site.  I have done most of the
>Linux and Solaris code on this site.  If you doubt this, ask them at
>their regular site The Wiggler is not supported under
>Linux and Solaris.  The Wiggler is supported under Windows.  Under
>Linux and Solaris the Raven and Ethernet products are supported.  The
>site is still a work in progress so everything is not there yet but
>keep checking.

Unfortunately, the question of legality is open to interpretation if the
sources for the DLL are not provided and if the DLL is used with GDB.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Friedrich Beckmann <>
>To: <>
>Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 5:33 PM
>Subject: JTAG debug support for ARM
>>i have found a site which offers the gnu
>>toolchain with support for wiggler/raven JTAG interfaces.  I have not
>>tested this and would like to know if anybody has some experience with
>>this.  The sources for the Wiggler drivers are not included in the
>>distribution.  Is there any person related to this site?  I cannot find
>>any name on the sites pages.  Is there something illegal behind this?
>>As far as I have figured it out, the standard gdb release supports the
>>ARM RDI interface.  This requires the ANGEL software installed (and is
>>then connected via a serial interface).
>>Optionally the OLD EmbeddedICE Box which can interpret the RDI commands
>>to JTAG commands can be used.  The new MultiICE debug box from ARM
>>requires software support on the host which is not available for linux
>>at the moment.
>>There is a configure option --multi-ice in the gdb release which lets
>>me assume that the commercial GnuPRO tools from Redhat have support for
>>the MultiICE.  The multi-ice-gdbserver seems not to be under GNU
>>The JEENI JTAG interface from seems
>>understand the RDI commands directly as the ARM EmbeddedICE does.  So
>>this is also usabled via the gdi rdi interface.
>> also offers a JTAG interface but with a dedicated
>>gdb driver software for linux.  gdb.
>>Is anybody using the wiggler with gdb for the ARM7?
>>Which software are you using?
>>Is anybody out there who is putting effort in writing a GNU-licensed
>>remote interface for a low-cost JTAG interface like the wiggler?

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