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Using gdb with JEENI

I have a problem using JEENI with GDB 5.0 debugging.
JEENI FirmwareVersion:2.0
Connected via serial port and RDI(tar rdi s=com2),
I'm doing the eCos porting to our customize board based on
Samsung KS32C50100 (ARM7TDMI core). Right now I'm debugging
the ROM image which initialize the board. The problem is, for example,
here is a sample instructions of the ROM image dump by gnu objdump:
00008060 <reset_vector>:
    8060:	e59f0458 	ldr	r0, [pc, #458]	
    8064:	e5800000 	str	r0, [r0]

00008068 <warm_reset>:
    8068:	e3a00000 	mov	r0, #0	; 0x0
    806c:	e5800040 	str	r0, [r0, #64]
    8070:	e59f144c 	ldr	r1, [pc, #44c]
    8074:	e5912008 	ldr	r2, [r1, #8]
    8078:	e5802008 	str	r2, [r0, #8]
    807c:	e5912040 	ldr	r2, [r1, #64]
    8080:	e5802028 	str	r2, [r0, #40]
    8084:	ef000000 	swi	0x00000000

when I set a breakpoint"b *0x8070" then "continue", it breaks
normally. But after that I type "stepi" to run next instruction.
This message comes out and gdb was terminated:

0 [main] arm-elf-gdb 1003 handle_exceptions: Exception: \   
21532 [main] arm-elf-gdb 1003 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to
Segmentation fault (core dump)

This happens also when I set the 2nd breakpoint (for example, at 0x8080) and
enter "continue". So I can only set one breakpoint at a time...
Does any one have the same problem?

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