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Re: _status: no such variable

Phil Edwards wrote:
> Firing up current CVS's insight hangs the source window, with the console
> window containing:

No matter what I do I cannot reproduce this.  It just works fine for me
several different circumstances.  And I have it on different machines,
different OS versions...  And I've been just talking with some other
folks who
just built it all right.

Furthermore, this stack trace describes an impossible situation. 
"_status" is
where the Source Window stores the name of the label widget that is used
status and help information (at the bottom).  Regardless of the success
or not
of the creation of this widget the variable should exist. "no such
variable" is
just absurd.

There are two possibilities remaining:

1) Your cvs checkout went terribly wrong.  A fresh checkout should fix

2) You are loading some program (you called GDB with an executable name
   the command line).  Something went wrong with the symbol reading and
   did a longjump in some uncaught situation (I thought we got rid of
   though).  Please try opening GDB without specifying a file.

If nothing of the above works, you can try deleting your ~/.gdbtkinit,
rebuilding the whole tree from scratch (something went wrong with
changing the compiler version etc.  It just works.

If you are still having problems feel free to send me an e-mail.

Good luck,

>     can't read "_status": no such variable
>         while executing
>     "$_status configure -text $saved_msg"
>         (object "::.srcwin0.srcwin" method "::SrcWin::set_status" body line 10)
>         invoked from within
>     "set_status $message"
>         (object "::.srcwin0.srcwin" method "::SrcWin::set_execution_status" body line 69)
>         invoked from within
>     "set_execution_status $line $addr"
>         (object "::.srcwin0.srcwin" method "::SrcWin::location" body line 12)
>         invoked from within
>     "$src location BROWSE_TAG [list $linespec]"
>         (procedure "::SrcWin::point_to_main" body line 9)
>         invoked from within
>     "SrcWin::point_to_main"
>         (procedure "gdbtk_tcl_preloop" line 13)
>         invoked from within
>     "gdbtk_tcl_preloop"
>     (gdb)

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat Canada Ltd.                     E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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