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Re: RFC: Option to have the Source Window controls at the top

I just realized that one must see it first.

I added the following:

	* library/prefs.tcl (pref_set_defaults): Define gdb/src/top_control
	to allow the source window controls to be placed at the top.
	* library/srcwin.itb (_build_win): Test for gdb/src/top_control
	and place the controls accordingly.

It has to be set manually as it is just for evaluation.  If people like
(I like it) I will add the proper Preferences control for it.

Just make sure your ~/.gdbtkinit  file has the following:


And you'll see what I mean.


Fernando Nasser wrote:
> I would like to add an option to allow users to have the Source Window
> "control" bar at the top, instead of at the bottom.   The default would
> remain as it is today (at least for now).
> It is internally known as "status bar" (while the line with
> help and status messages is the "status line") but it actually controls
> what is shown in the text widget of the Source Window.  It may have been
> just a status when it was originally created, but it is now more of a
> control bar and some users (like me) may prefer it to be together with
> the menu and toolbar.
> This arrangement matches SourceNavigator better and for people that use
> both it is quite disconcerting having two different approaches to the
> same
> type of selection (I am talking about the comboboxes in SourceNav that
> select the function to show, last string searched etc -- if you don't
> know
> what I am talking about you are missing a great software: SourceNav is
> really cool).
> Also, the fact that the comboboxes are at the bottom of the window also
> becomes very unnatural, behaves different depending on the host (I even
> have some bug reports for that).
> This bar does have the "search/download progress" indicator on the right
> side.  I can pack it with the "status line" on the bottom when the
> controls
> are at the top if you think it is more convenient.
> I have to agree that the Source Window looks more cute with the source
> control bar on the bottom (maybe it is a question of taste), but it does
> work much better with the controls at the top (again, it may be just a
> personal preference).
> I can leave the default as it is now, change it to the top option or
> even
> make it fixed at the top.  But I would like to have the option of having
> it
> at a more sensible place.
> Opinions?

Fernando Nasser
Red Hat Canada Ltd.                     E-Mail:
2323 Yonge Street, Suite #300
Toronto, Ontario   M4P 2C9

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