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Re: DEJAGNU will not build...

Christopher Currie wrote:
> Andrew Cagney wrote:
> >
> > It would simply be missing - since people check out ``gdb dejagnu'' or
> > ``binutils dejagnu'' no one has noticed.
> Perhaps this isn't the proper forum to discuss this, but is there a plan
> to separate tools such as dejagnu and libiberty from binutils? Maybe the
> amount of cross-dependency would make this difficult, but right now if
> someone (like myself) wanted to integrate them into another piece of
> software, it's not intuitive which version of libiberty (GDB's?
> binutils?) is canonical, nor, as Scott points out, is it obvious that
> one needs the include directory as well as the source directory.

Things like libiberty and include are in theory separable, but in
practice it's a bunch more work for which volunteers would be in
very short supply - they would be expected to make lots and lots
of new releases just to keep up with revs in the tools.  If you
had a credible specific proposal though, I think people would be

On the other hand, dejagnu should always be separate.  Unfortunately,
it does not seem to have a regular maintainer (Rob Savoye was going to
do a new release, but I haven't seen anything from him in over a year),
so it's in limbo right now.  As a critical piece of infrastructure for
maintaining the GNU toolchain, it's really important for dejagnu to get
first-class maintenance and support.


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