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Hi Mark,

On Sat, 24 Jun 2000, Mark Kettenis wrote:

> I've taken a look at the stuff now.  However, since the FPU stuff is
> rather different in 5.0, I don't think it's very useful to comment on
> the way you handle things in your 4.18 based port.  If you follow my
> advice you shouldn't have to do any significant manipulations on the
> FPU state at all, and you could remove most of your home-grown FPU
> stuff from i386dgux-nat.c.

Thats what I have done for the 5.0 release. I have integrate the routines
of i387-nat.c into i386dgux-nat.c (no i387-nat.c in 5.0) and remove most
of the floating point info handling code.

> It would be great if you could contribute your DG/UX port back to the
> FSF.  Indeed we need a copyright assignment first.  If you can find
> the time to do them, please do so ASAP.  They take some time being
> processed.

I wouldnt have any problem to give free the code to FSF. If this
worth something, I am declaring here publickly that the code in is *free* and anyone is welcome to integrate it as he/she
finds appropriate to future gdb releases. In gdb-5.0 port there are
two main additions/changes:
1) Full support for pthreads (I am desperate for that)
2) A much better port of bfd that allows also binutils-2.9.1 to work
for DG/UX unix and build gnu-as and most importantly gnu-ld.
However all these are done with #ifdefs DGUX ... (mainly in bfd).

> Before we can integrate your DG/UX port into the official GDB tree,
> some bits will have to be cleaned up.  First of all, you'll have to
> base your work on the current development version.  Working from
> snapshots is fine, but working from CVS is much more convenient.
> Right now there is quite a bit of code duplication, and we'll have to
> try to reduce that a bit.  You've alse added some DG/UX-specific
> #ifdefs that will have to be eliminated.  I'll be happy to work
> together on those issues.

After finishing release 5.0-port we can have a go on that. If anything
it will allow me to not deal anymore so extensively with the gdb
port (from the moment that the code will be integrated in say 5.01).
Only things from then and on will be "building issues" but these can
be dealt also by ordinary DG/UX users that will watch your list and
have a go to build gdb snapshots.

> Since you told me you downloaded a recent snapshot, you probably
> already have them.  If you still need those files, drop me a mail.
That is correct. I have seen the files now.


PS: I am cc'ing the gdb list but ... your server has some problem:

>  The IP number that I'm denying mail from is
>  The list that you're on is ORBS.  See:
>  for more information about this list and why you are on it. is certainly not the ORBS list ...

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